Physiotherapy and Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia is a thick connective tissue that attaches from the base of your heel, comes across the middle of your foot and ends into your toes. Its function is to make sure that the arch of your foot stays well supported when you are up on your feet. This means that the stresses are evenly distributed within the foot.

Plantar faciitis is a common condition of the foot. Usually, patients come with pain in the underside of the foot; occurring after a prolonged period of walking, standing or heavy lifting. People with a high body mass index are also prone to this type of injury to the foot. Inappropriate footwear such as work boots may also cause the injury.

At Physical healthcare, our physiotherapists are able to effectively assess your foot and, more importantly, treat it effectively! Your physiotherapist will, first of all, do a thorough assessment, to make sure that you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, some treatment techniques include: deep tissue massage, stretching, electrotherapy (including ultrasound) and prescribing you a series of exercises to strengthen the foot. Advice on heat and ice application may also be given. We may also refer you to our friendly local podiatrist if orthotics is required.

The physiotherapists Physical Healthcare are well experienced in the assessment and treatment of plantar fasciitis. So book in for your next appointment by calling our 1300 581 625.




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