Important: Preston Physiotherapist Clarifies Why Everyone Must Sleep With a Contoured Pillow

Given that we spend as much as a third of our lives sleeping, the selection of a pillow is a crucial decision. The most prevalent root cause of neck ache (and disturbed nights), is long term unusual position during sleep.  A soft filled pillow that easily loses its form fails to provide the amount of […]

Help For Sports Injuries in Preston: Professional Sports Injury Solutions

Sports Physiotherapy is the specialised division of physiotherapy that deals with injuries and problems experienced by athletes. It is important to understand that sports injuries do vary from everyday injuries.  Sportsmen typically need active performance, and the demands placed on their body stress their muscles, joints and bones to the limit.  Sports physiotherapists help athletes […]

Let’s Look At The Role of the Myotherapist

Exactly What Does a Myotherapist Do? Myotherapists examine, control and take care of myofascial pain, injury and disorder affecting activity and mobility. Myotherapy is used in the precautionary, remedial and rehabilitative stages of treatment to regain and preserve the conventional integrity of the soft tissue framework (muscles, tendons, ligaments as well as fascia) of the […]

Let’s Take a Look at Podiatry

A podiatrist is a health professional who works with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment as well as rehabilitation of health-related and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs. The problems podiatrists address include things like those caused by bone and joint disorders such as arthritis and soft-tissue and muscular pathologies and also neurological and circulatory […]

Physiotherapy for Meniscus Injuries

One of the most common injuries of the knee that Physical Healthcare physiotherapists encounter is meniscus damage. A meniscus is a piece of semicircular cartilage, wedged in between the femur and the tibia. Each knee has two sets of meniscus, a lateral and a medial meniscus (see diagram below). Every single time that you step […]

Physiotherapy and Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Another common knee complaint that physiotherapists at Physical Healthcare see everyday is Iliotibial Band Syndrome. The Iliotibial Band (ITB) is a connective tissue that attaches from the hip bone, to the lateral part of the knee (see diagram below). This structure is an important part of your knee as it functions in synchrony with other […]

Physiotherapy and Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia is a thick connective tissue that attaches from the base of your heel, comes across the middle of your foot and ends into your toes. Its function is to make sure that the arch of your foot stays well supported when you are up on your feet. This means that the stresses […]

Physiotherapy and Ankle Sprains

Your ankle joint is complex, made up of many bones, muscles and ligaments. One of the most common injuries of the ankle is a sprain to the ankle ligament. As, most of the time, you twist your ankle outwards, the most common ligaments to be injured are the ones on the outside part of your […]

Preston Physiotherapist Discusses Supraspinatus Tendinitis

Shoulder pain is commonly felt on the front and side of the shoulder, but may also be felt down the arm and even into the forearm. There are many different types and causes of shoulder pain; the most common type of shoulder pain treated by Physical Healthcare at Preston is supraspinatus tendinitis. Supraspinatus tendinitis an […]

Help For Tennis Elbow Pain With Physiotherapy in Preston

Elbow pain is most commonly felt on the outside part of the elbow, but may also be felt down the forearm and even into the hands. There are many different types and causes of elbow pain. The most common type of elbow pain treated by Physiotherapy at Preston is Tennis Elbow. As a first point […]

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