Physiotherapy and Ankle Sprains

Your ankle joint is complex, made up of many bones, muscles and ligaments. One of the most common injuries of the ankle is a sprain to the ankle ligament. As, most of the time, you twist your ankle outwards, the most common ligaments to be injured are the ones on the outside part of your ankle (look at the diagram below).

Ankle sprains occur when you twist your ankle outwards. This normally happens when you have weak muscles that are unable to control your ankle movement; slippery surfaces; wearing high heels; or during a sporting event. Ankle sprains are graded according to their severity. You have grade 1, which is just a slight strain of the ligament; grade 2 which involves some moderate tearing (but incomplete); and grade 3 which results in a complete tear of the ligament.

Your physiotherapists at Physical Healthcare, will go through a series of questions and tests to make sure that you have suffered from an ankle sprain. Once this is confirmed, your physiotherapist is well equipped to treat you and make sure you get better. Some treatment techniques include: massage, dry needling, electrotherapy (ultrasound and interferential therapy), and exercises. Advice on the proper use of heat and ice will also be given.

At Physical Healthcare, we understand that you can’t afford to be slowed down. We’re able to effectively find the problem and use the most up to date treatment techniques to make sure that you get back into doing what you do best, fast. So don’t hesitate to call and book in your next physiotherapy appointment with us on 1300 581 625.



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